Included in this collection is the Restorative Skin Cell Serum, the Skin Awakening Moisturizer, the Eye & Lash Advance Formula, the Gentle Exfoliating Cream, and the Hydration Boost Facial Squalene Oil.  Included in your shipment will be a FREE application guide.  

This collection is made to help you optimize the performance of Copper Peptides below the surface of the dermis for helping you achieve your best skin yet.  

1. Use the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser to encourage skin cell turnover making your skin ready to respond to the work of the Copper Peptides.

2.  Apply the Restorative Skin Cell Serum which signals to the stem cell to start producing new collagen.  

3.  Create a moisture barrier over the Serum with the Skin Awakening Moisturizer to block out free radicals and other environmental agents that seek to attack your skin.

4.  Dab the Eye & Lash Cream under and around the eyes to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and puffiness.  

5. Apply a few drops of the Hydration Boost Facial Oil and Primer, gently pat and press the oil into your skin with fingertips.  The Oil can also be used as a primer for application of SPF or foundation.

6. Lastly, use a dollop of Restorative Body Cream on elbows, knees, and any other dehydrated areas of the skin.  

Vitali Skin Care was founded with one idea in mind, to create quality skincare products that give our customers results.  Committed to using only the highest quality organic ingredients, we only create products we would use ourselves and recommend to our friends and family.  You can rest assured we bring this commitment to every product, every time.