Why the change?   Our core products will continue to carry the Restoracell brand because they are built on the power of GHK-Cu/Copper Peptides, which means that these products work at a cellular level to restore a more youthful expression of skin.  However, as our product line continues to grow, there will be some products that will be introduced that work to optimize the effectiveness of GHK-Cu/Copper Peptide products but don't necessarily contain the peptide. For example, the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser and the Hydration Boost Squalene Oil.  

What does Pro-aging mean?   We are passionate about helping you optimize the health and beauty of your skin, regardless of age!  Our belief is that age does not have to hide beauty.  We are NOT against aging.  Aging is a very natural and inevitable process but it can also be a very beautiful process if we will only take advantage of solutions like Vitali's Restoracell products.