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I love the new formulation for the moisturizer. It feels much lighter and my skin feels much better. I think it absorbs easier. I get compliments all the time about how my skin glows and how young I look.

Has actually stopped the itching and dry flakes

The Restorative Body Cream has actually stopped the itching and dry flakes from the dermatological removal of growth on my shoulder blades and I find the smooth skin wonderful.

Hair restoration success.

I know that this isn't the standard review but I've been using the serum on my scalp as a hair regrowth experiment after micro needling treatments and I've gone from completely bald (shiny scalp and all) on my crown area to having hair regrowth in the areas I've applied the serum in conjunction with the micro needling. Things to note though are that the hair grows back with whatever color hair you were born with. I was born with light blond hair and its darkened to dark blond over time with age. Since this is my first year doing this I'm just excited to see results when minoxidil didn't do anything for me and I'm seeing the results I have.

The texture of my skin has never felt smoother!

I love the new Vitali Restoracell with enhanced ingredients and more Copper Peptides.  The texture of my skin has never felt smoother.  And, the eye cream feels wonderful. Barbara J.

Skin is softer and Less Redness!

I have been using Vitali a little over a month and I am loving the products. My skin is feeling much softer and the redness seems to be much less.

Miracle Workers!

Thank you for your excellent products, you're miracle workers!

Copper Peptides are working...

These products are great! I love the moisturizer and serum. I use them everyday. And the new body creme has replaced my CeraVe.


Love it

Great product! Amazing results!

Wonderful product. I love it! I can see that it has helped my skin and my skin feels softer. It’s helping to slough off the old skin. My skin looks fresher.

Thanks for the wonderful review! It means a great deal to know you are seeing real results.

Love it!

Love the Restoracell moisturizer so far. Would have loved to try the sample that was sent but it was not tightly sealed and leaked out so that was a bummer but overall everything was great!

Thank you for the note and the kind review. Very sorry to hear that the sample leaked but, no worries, another one is on the way! Best, Debbi

Refreshed skin at 76!

I love Restoracell and how my skin has improved with daily use. I have used the hydrating oil and it does just that, it gives my skin a boost and refreshment.

Love the Squalene Oil! It’s a game-changer under makeup.

The Squalene Oil has drastically changed the look of my skin, especially when applied as a primer before makeup. My foundation goes on much smoother, and my skin has a dewy glow all day. I’ve received countless compliments!

Love the Squalene Oil!!!

After using the Squalene Oil, I can't put my makeup on without it!

Restoracell is the real deal!!!

No false advertising here! Restoracell does what it says it can do! My skin is looking younger every day!

Great Product!!!!

This has helped my skin so much! Wrinkles above my eyes are gone and several friends have mentioned that I am glowing!

Restorative Body Cream with GHK-Cu
Pam E.
Restorative Body Cream

This Restorative Body Cream is wonderful! A little goes a long way and there is no fragrance to compete with my cologne. It’s comforting to know that it includes the same peptides - healing properties - that are in the Complete Copper Peptide Collection. Thank you!

How to Apply

Debbi, Thank you for the Restoracell application lesson! Thank you for the reminder to gently pat and smooth products on our faces. No tugging and pulling!
I love putting on the Copper Peptide Serum and Eye & Eyelash Cream then do 25 leg squats into a calve raise at the vanity, then put on my Copper Peptide (amazingly smooth new formula) moisturizer.....then 25 more squats and finish my morning makeup routine.

My skin looks younger!!!!

I love your products, I feel like my skin looks younger.

Around eyes smoother and lashes longer, people think I'm wearing false eyelashes!

This is a great product ... a little goes a long way and it's worth the investment. It really has "oomph" for me if people notice enough to comment on how great I'm looking. Of course, I think that's the whole regimen.

Great service

Great service the product looks and feels quality and after only a short time i believe i am noticing differences but will continue to monitor over time

Love Restoracell skin care !

I’m so happy with Retoracell skin care!! I’ve tried several skincare lines and nothing has worked as well as this. I have less wrinkles and my skin is clearing up from age spots. It’s been years since I’ve felt comfortable going without foundation. People have commented on how much younger I look..

Moisturizer Sample
Lenny A.
New Formulation

I feel as if the new formulation makes my skin glow and look more hydrated even after the first application. Way to go team Restoracell!!

Thanks, Lenny for the great review on the new moisturizer! It means a lot to know that you are seeing visible results.

Love the way my skin feels!

I am 71 and am blessed to receive comments about looking younger than my age. The Restoracell products are wonderful! I especially love the serum and the face wash.

These products are like none other!

I am thrilled to share how happy I am with the results I am seeing from using Restoracell products. My skin has never felt and looked better. Sherry N.,

I look like I got a mini facelift!

My mother gave me Restoracell Serum and Eye Cream as a gift. They evened out my skin tone so much. I can now just use tinted moisturizer. No concealer or color corrector. I look like I got a mini facelift! I love these products! Emily J., Atlanta