Reduce Age Spots and Hyperpigmentation

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How Restoracell Helps

The Copper Peptides in Restoracell products signal to the skin’s stem cells to produce new collogen which over time, repairs and replaces the damaged skin, which shows up as age-spots and uneven pigmentation. These same Copper Peptides work to protect the skin from further UV damage.  

When Restoracell is used in combination with hydroxy acids and skin abrasion, it can become even more effective in fighting age spots and uneven pigmentation. The hydroxy acids and abrasive methods (microdermabrasion sponges or cloths often work well) slowly loosen and dissolve the blemished tissue, while the Copper Peptides signal to the skin’s stem cells to produce new collagen. (If using hydroxy acids, it is best to use only twice a week and at a different time of day than Restoracell.) During the day, it is critical that you use sunscreen over Restoracell. 

All three of Restoracell’s products, bundled together in the Complete Set, work together to fight age-spots and uneven pigmentation. The Serum is capable of penetrating deep into the skin while the Moisturizer forms a barrier of protection on top of the Serum to optimize the work of the GHK-Cu.  

What Causes Age Spots or Hyperpigmentation?

When the sun, chemicals, and other elements discolor and damage the skin, we end up with either too much melanin (hyperpigmentation) or too little (hypopigmentation), which can create the illusion of blotchy pincushion.  

Hyperpigmentation typically causes brown and red spots and highly pigmented lesions. In cases of hypopigmentation, the loss of pigment can appear as a white rash and seen in cases of vitiligo and albinism.  

People have tried everything from apple cider vinegar to various forms of bleach to deal with age spots and uneven pigmentation but have yielded, for the most part, very little success.  

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