Our Story


                                           Debbi Barber, Founder

Hi there! My name is Debbi Barber. I am 65 years old and have not had skin like this since I was 40! I went from using EIGHT high-end skincare solutions to just three—and I credit Restoracell as having the most impact. Because it helps grow new skin, it didn't happen overnight but I saw a noticeable difference within three weeks.

What's the difference?  Every other product I tried or even researched, promises to reduce the "appearance" of lines and wrinkles and blemishes. I did not want to settle for just addressing the "appearance" of when the opportunity with Restoracell was to have my skin restored at the cellular level.  

I first learned about this approach to skin restoration from my doctor who is  double board certified in both Family Medicine and AntiAging and Regenerative Medicine.  My question was a simple one... what do you recommend for crepe skin?  But her answer was a game changer!  


Terry Barber, Founder

Hello everyone.... Terry Barber writing here.  One of the consequences of the pandemic has been to force me to be in virtual meetings via Zoom, HangOuts and Skype.  I know you know the feeling.  The more time I spent on these virtual platforms, the more aware I became of how aging was starting to show in my face, neck, and hair.  True confession, I started turning off the video function because I was taken back by the creases in my face and what I commonly referred to as my turkey neck!  

I had never cared that much about the condition of my skin and having carried a full head of hair most of my adult life, I was shocked to actually see my scalp coming through on video... yikes.  

The journey then began to find a way to slow this aging thing down on my face, neck, and hair.  Ultimately, I found some amazing and effective products that made a profound difference.  However, the cost of these high quality skin care products was not sustainable for me.  The full integrated treatment came to over $800.00 every 4 - 6 weeks.  There had to be a more affordable way to access these products.  And there was.

After having consulted scientists, doctors, and chemists, Debbi and I have created the most wholistic, clean, organic, effective skin and hair care products on the market at a price that blows the big brand skincare companies away. 

Seldom does a day go by that someone does not go into total disbelief that Debbi and I are 65.  That always feels nice but the best part of all, is how good it feels to be helping so many others have the same experience at a price that is a fraction of what big brand skin and hair care companies charge.